Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hot tubs, Burritos and Babes!

So, last night we all hung out with our new boyfriend #1 - our 2009 championship trophy. We had a little party to welcome it back into the Gore home, and introduce it to it's new teammates ;)
Some of you might have heard that when we first got the boot, we accidentally left it behind on the floor of our changeroom; until Brim Stone did a final check of the change room and noticed it there...

To make it up to the Boot, we got it drunk, bought it a burrito and took it to the hot tub. I don't know about you but that night sounds AWESOME and it totally was!

Hope you enjoy our pictures from last night's adventure with the Boot! GORE-GORE'S RULE AT LIFE!


-Mia Culprit

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