Friday, January 7, 2011

The Gore Gore Rollergirls First Practice of 2011 and I’m a baby Gore!!!!!

By Rookie Skater Mace O’Kissed

As Emma Dilemma and I, headed to our first Gores practice Monday night, I felt a string of strong emotions. First, excitement that we were actually now Gore Gore Rollergirls but that was coupled with anxiety that we might not be able to execute basic skills in front of our new teammates. Then a touch of nausea set in as anxiety that we may be late to our first practice. I think Emma wondered if I was going to be ok as I let out a much needed scream (well it was more like a faint squeal) and then a few minutes later, I long hard sigh. I was simply trying to calm myself and hadn’t even realized that sounds were coming out.

My first experience with Roller Derby was not that long ago…

My nephew was visiting from Sudbury and I wanted to show him something a little different and exciting. We saw an advert in the Now magazine and so went to the Hangar to see The Smoke City Betties take on the Gore Gore Rollergirls in the 2009 Toronto Roller Derby Championship Game. Too late to buy advanced tickets, we arrived at the back of a long line outside the Hangar and nearly walked away thinking we would never get in. Then this volunteer, who I now know as Lucid Lou from the Death Track Dolls, put her hand on my head and said “The line stops here!!!!” It was by the skin of our teeth, but I was so relieved and excited that we made it in. It was standing room only but that didn’t matter. We were right in there trying to figure the game out and marveling at the kick ass vibe within. The Gores won and I was hooked! In fact, I went home that night, Googled the Gores, found a total ‘rock star’ group shot of them and made it my new profile pic. Although I did not know much about the game or any of them personally, I knew I wanted to be one of them! Two weeks later, I went to buy my fresh meat gear and emailed the fresh meat committee to sign up. I was going to do this despite the many naysayers who worried I could get seriously hurt. I remember one family member who said to me “That’s pretty intense, are you sure?” Yes I was……I became deeply involved with TORD by joining multiple committees and volunteering my time to help run events. Within a year I went through Fresh Meat training, passed the test, played my first game as a Deadly Viper Assassin Squad (TORD’s fierce farm team) and was drafted - NOW I am a baby Gore!!!!
As I got ready for my first practice with the Gores, I continued to feel my stomach turn! I was actually one of them as of this first practice! Practice was amazing! As we stretched, and talked about their past year and their goals for the coming year, I felt at ease and among friends. I was a Gore and I was gonna love every minute of it. EVERY MINUTE……even the minute when I fell on my face as Aston Martini tried to teach me how to turn around without taking my eyes of her……..even the minute when Brim Stone got us to stop and turn directions and I fell directly in front of Emma Dilemma, grabbed her by the chest and brought her down with me……even the minute when I was jamming and Dust Bunny hit me hard and I went flying off the track!

Can't wait till next week!